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What is it? An online  proofing resource that marks up text with meaningful  icons rather  than squiggly lines. The lab is powered by LingTech’s WordMAP Writing Aids and Assessment System (WordMAP WAAS™). A WordMAP-ed grammar-check report looks like this:

these [1CAP] paragraphs is [AGREE?] an example of a Grammar [NOCAP] Check [NOCAP] listing. Their [=there] are [AGREE?] many  error [PLUR?] to illustrate how error   flags are inserted [PSVE] into the text.

The utility of icons in a ‘User <=> Computer’ setting was  first established experimentally by Xerox and subsequently exploited by both Apple and Microsoft as the basis  for the modern graphical user interface (GUI).

So why is it that word processing  applications deploy an effective icon interface in all that they do except for  grammar checking, when suddenly what you see are squiggly lines?

Frankly, because the developers of those products did not see writing assistance and assessment as a priority - they did not have the English student in mind. We do, and can assure you that the Internet Writing Lab™ generates reports that are  icon-centered all the way.

Words Work Wonders


  1. Grammar-check icons that elicit memory recall of specific concepts really do MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Each proofing icon is linked to an illustrated statement of the principle  it represents.

  2. "Computer analysis of student essays can provide a level of detail in feedback to students, teachers, and  others that is not possible using human readers alone. This kind of  feedback has important implications for  instruction in English composition. Moreover, computer analysis can provide detailed feedback  on many written products, even lengthy ones; a teacher of English will normally provide detailed feedback on only a few brief essays." Click here for the full report.

  3. Writing Lab assessment modules evaluate writing skills and suggest where improvement is needed to be a successful player in the all-important LANGUAGE GAME ... while there's still plenty of  time to 'work out the kinks.'

  4. The Writing Lab automatically logs  student performance with the submission of each writing assignment, making it possible for students, teachers, and administrators to track progress longitudinally.

  5. In addition to writing aids and assessment services, the Writing Lab also houses a graded vocabulary mastery series consisting of three-thousand (3000) words presented in drills of twenty-five words each.

  6. As in all established fields in the world of science - but in English for the first time - classroom  instruction  can be coupled with 'hands-on' involvement with a variety of real-life language problems and  applications in a laboratory setting.

  7. Educators who have implemented systematic use of LingTech writing aids and assessment software in their classrooms report improved test scores.

     It's a win-win formula for student and teacher alike!


Words Work Wonders

Are you a teacher  who is firmly convinced that students must actually write on a regular  basis in order to learn to be good writers?

Are you over-worked and underpaid, harassed by mounting piles  of student themes, or 'twinged' with guilt over not assigning enough for a solid  basis of student practice and feedback? [1]

If you qualify on both counts, test drive the Language Included - Internet Writing Lab combo. Computerized language assessment can significantly reduce your load while simultaneously generating additional, just-in-time feedback beyond your abilities to provide.

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Words Work Wonders

Are you an administrator under the gun to boost reading and writing skills ... or run the  risk of  federal sanctions?

If so, you may be interested in the conclusions of one superintendent who  beta-tested the  Internet Writing Lab™ software in his district.

Download Language Included™ now and qualify for a discount subscription to the Writing Lab.

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Words Work Wonders

Tradition teaches us that English is English and the way one uses it is either 'right' or 'wrong.'  Nothing could be further from the truth. The genome sees to it that we are  all alike ... and different. Physically, no two persons are identical in every respect. Each person has a unique finger print, a unique iris print,  etc. By the same token, the English you speak and write is both similar to and different from the English of everyone else.

"It's the  differences that make the difference," a wise man reputedly said.The Internet Writing Lab makes it clear where the similarities AND the differences are in language  from person to person. The Internet Writing Labputs numbers to it all and  graphs it for you to see.

Find out in what ways your numbers are similar to and different from those of folks who  have succeeded in the Language Game. Let The Internet Writing Laband its Language Included companion light the way.

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Words Work Wonders

Companies  that develop and market standardized language tests - the ones so big they  sprawl about on entire campuses of their own - they have the best  interests of the student squarely in mind. At least that's what they would  like you to think. It's hard to believe them though. Why?

 Because essentially the  same information their tests provide too late to serve any other purpose  than screening college or job applicants can be obtained routinely via  computer analysis of student writings at their local schools, fully in time to  help students improve and teachers implement remediation strategies.

The technology to  serve the student body in this way has been available for fifteen years or more. The 'big ones' have it in their laboratories, but it's unlikely at this late date that you'll see them packaging it for use with anyone but themselves in mind. The prospect of self-testing makes them 'quake in their money  bags,' given that it promises to dis-establish the 'standardized' testing establishment.

Words Work Wonders

Let Language Included™ and The Internet Writing Lab™ bring just-in-time,
to you!

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 [1]E. Page. “Analyzing student essays by computer.” International Review of  Education, 14, p. 211. Quoted in William Wresch, “The Imminence of Grading Essays by Computer – 25 Years Later.” Posted at <>.  A useful overview of E. Page’s work and subsequent research in grading essays by computer.

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