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Words Work Wonders  At one time or another everyone has had the experience of buying an electrically-powered gadget, only to discover later that it won't run as is because 'batteries were not included.' The bulk of the materials that purport to teach 'grammar' and 'writing' have a similar problem, offering little of substance by  way of linguistic technology to power them.

All that is about to change!


has the batteries. Color-coded pictures illustrate the structure of sentences, show how that structure determines what punctuation is  needed, and why some of what we write is defective.  View picture samples.

Unlike other diagramming systems, the Language Included™ method was not created for classroom instruction only, but is actually  based on the structural equations of a scientific model of language whose formulas have successfully characterized the building blocks of languages the world  over.

Words Work Wonders The constructs of  the Language Included system comprise a table of  universal linguistic structures. While  no language exploits all of the possibilities, all languages draw from the same  set.

This is important, because it  means that students who master the Language Included system have a leg up on understanding and learning foreign languages too!

Words Work Wonders Are you confused and annoyed by the profusion of rules  and exceptions to rules taught in the name of English? Well, times are definitely changing - for the better, because the accurate detail of Language Includeddiagrams makes it possible to use them as visual aids for the purpose of stating legitimate principles of grammar unambiguously and clearly.  Now, for the first  time, students of language can learn fundamentals without struggling through the mire that has bogged down the English classroom for so long. 

 Link to Language Includedonline.

Words Work Wonders More good news! To strengthen and complete the package, students are offered a discounted subscription to the:

Internet Writing Lab®

Let's face facts - the 'Language Arts' tradition is an anachronism in a world of high technology.While there is no denying the artistic side of language, it also has its technical side, a side which must be brought forward and fully understood if we hope to bring language to heel. As a means of exposing its technical aspect, we introduce the Language Laboratory as a complement to what occurs in the classroom. Thus, as  per established practice in the world of science, classroom activity with Language Included is coupled with 'hands on' contact with real-life language problems and applications in The Lab.

And what better way to bring the benefits of laboratory integration  to teacher and student than by way of the star of modern technology,  namely, the Internet. So take a moment to become familiar with The Internet Writing Lab™.  Students and teachers alike, if they submit to the protocol of Language Included™, will be spending some interesting and productive hours there.

Words Work Wonders Are you a person  struggling to learn English as a second language? You read English fairly  well but still struggle with the structural differences between English and your native language?

Language Included shows you 'pictures' of English and teaches you to diagram its structures so  that you can use them with confidence.  The Internet Writing Lab inserts color-coded icons in your writing that constantly remind you of English fundamentals  and alert you to possible problems.


Words Work Wonders Most folks wonder where all the rules foisted on English students came from in the first   place.  You know, the ones with nearly as many exceptions. To tell the truth, they're a collection of statements about what the kind of English you hear on the Evening News prefers by way of usage, plus an assortment of ad hoc DO's and DON'Ts made up by influential people over  the centuries who have taken it upon themselves to legislate language for the masses.


 Language Includedsorts it all out into what makes sense and what doesn't based on the mental structures that underlie what we say and write. Mind Language is where the rules really are. They're like clockwork - no guessing and no exceptions.

So, tell that  notorious Miss  Pridwitch and her cohort Professor Snarf to pack up their rule bags and buy a one-way  ticket to Limbo Land while you get online with Language Included. 

Works best with the The Internet Writing Lab

Words Work Wonders "Dangling prepositions are something up with which I will not put!" was Winston Churchill's famous quip to the English police. Language Included reveals why Winston was right and Miss Pridwitch was wrong.

Split infinitives  are absolutely and totally degenerate if you accept the conventional  wisdom. But while they're in exile there are important distinctions that  English simply cannot make. Again, Language Included clarifies the entire matter.

You should put a comma before the and in a conjunction ... or so they say. Observe the rule, however, and you'll never eat ham-and-eggs again, at least they way we normally do it!

 Language Included doesn't interfere with what you eat or how you eat it!  

Words Work Wonders Chemists, physicists, mathematicians, and other professionals in the so-called hard sciences purport to have an advantage over Language Arts because the formal foundations upon which they build their craft is  rigorous and precise.

They're right, of  course, insofar as conventional offerings of the English classroom are  concerned. But, once the inner workings of language are understood, it's  clear that they have nothing whatsoever to boast about.  It turns out, in fact, that the precision that science relies upon flows from the same source as speech and writing, namely, mental structuring. Mind Language has its own Periodic Table of well-formed structures, one that seemingly underwrites every other - the one used by Language Included.

So, tell Professors  Mathstein, Phystein, Chemstein to come down from their high tower and join with you in exploring new, more exciting realms in the wilderness of language.

Words Work Wonders "Why, Russian is so hard that most kids over there don't start talking until they're  twelve years old!"

"German isn't  so hard if you know Russian - it's just Russian spoken backwards!"

If you haven't heard malarkey like this before, you're lucky.  It gets worse:

"No matter what language one uses to pray, if God answers it will be in French!"

Is one language  better than another? Really? Let Language Includedanswer the hard  questions.

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