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We believe that language is mankind's most valuable asset and pledge ourselves to the development of break-through technologies able to enhance language skills while increasing appreciation for the role that those skills play in our lives. A variety of  resources designed with you in mind are featured on this site.

    (1) Language Included plows new ground by exploiting linguistic science in tandem with multimedia graphics as a medium for teaching grammar and writing. We do more than talk about the rules. We derive and picture them.

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    (2) The Internet Writing Lab is a state-of-the-art online writing-aids resource that can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your writing.  Teachers, see your way to making more writing assignments without getting buried in the paper work. Students, learn how to raise test scores by  improving composition skills.

    (3) LANGUAGE In Capital Letters is a mind-bending new book that demonstrates how language is central - period!  Read it and see the universe bathed in a new light.

    (4) Junction Grammar is revolutionary model of language that has its own Periodic Table of Elements.  Listen up!  Linguistics now demands to be seated twice - once with Language Arts and again among the Hard Sciences.

    (5) To impress you with the over-riding importance of language, we have assembled a collection of Notable Quotables on the subject from people 'in the know.'  You should know what they have to say.

    (6) What is our history? You can find out here.

Words Work Wonders

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