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Having trouble with English? As of June 12, 2004, Linguistic Technologies, Inc. will be registering participants for its beta-test of Language Included™. This is an excellent opportunity for persons struggling with writing and grammar to receive supplemental instruction for virtually nothing.

For detailed information about Language Included™, click here. You may also inspect the courseware at its online location.

Language Included™ works in tandem with the Internet Writing Lab™. The Lab will recognize registered test-participants and extend to them the full benefits of its online grammar-checking and writing-skills assessments. Test participants will each be entitled to submit two assignments per week for analysis during the course of the Test. Thatís more than 100 submissions per participant (at least a $400 value). Unregistered visitors to the Language Included™ site have access to Writing  Lab services for demonstration purposes only. For detailed information about the Lab, click here.

Beta-testers influence the final form of products and services by providing active feedback to developers in exchange for pre-release access and free technical support. This is your chance to make a difference and benefit personally at the same time.

To register, you must first agree to our TERMS OF SERVICE:


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